What are the main problems with solar panels?

Here are the most common problems that solar panels owners experience.Most of the solar panels owners say that their biggest problem of the solar panels is the inverter. This is a kind of converter that converts the DC output of the solar, some which are kept in battery storage for solar to AC which is fed to the commercial electric grid.

More than a quarter of a group of solar panels owners about 27% of the group of thousands of people interviewed who get solar energy said they had problems with their PV inverter. 36% confirmed their problem could be attributed to the PV system.

It is required that a solar panel owner change the inverter several times during the 25-year lifespan the solar PV systems are expected to last. Still, people have had problems with the inverter. The other very common problems to the users of solar panels are loose or damaged roof or roof tiles as well as electrical problems.

There is also the feed-in-tariff that is paid to households producing electricity using renewable technology. This is cash paid to people with solar panels and other renewable energy devices.  A big number of solar panel users interviewed said they have had problems getting their feed-in-tariff paid. Separately, this is about 20% of all solar panel owners in the UK.

The research covered a vast majority of solar panel owners and 95% of these get the feed-in-tariff. Nevertheless, there are those who experience problems getting it paid. These make a fifth who have had different problems with the payment of the feed-in-tariff. Most of these talked about a delay of the payment. This is between 1 to 3 months later than expected. 27% of these said they got paid only once while 21% said the delay has repeated more than thrice.

A summary of the most common problems solar panel owners experience was made after a research project. According to the research, users who had problems with their solar panels due to the PV inverter make 36% of the issues with solar panels. Those whose problems are caused by the loose or damaged roof/roof tiles make 12%. Electrical problems that include how the system works make 11% and meter problems and accidental damage to panels 9% and 6% respectively.

Another problem that has prevailed for long with the use of the energy, which would only be usable when the sun is shining. Nowadays, there are advanced technologies which enable the owner of a solar panel to collect and store solar energy to use even at night when the sun is not shining. With the use of smart battery storage for solar, users can not only harness solar energy to use there and then, but they also get enough energy to use throughout the night.