London Cyclist Almost Hit by Falling Tree

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It has come to the attention of many people that in this rainy season, cyclists are facing the dangers of being hit but the tree as they carry their daily routine, there was a case reported this morning in the media houses. The cyclist escaped a falling tree by an inch this morning; it is stated that the tree had already dried up and was mostly forced to fall by the tree surgeon who cut it down with a power saw.

The government in the UK has warned all the cyclist and everyone at large to be careful which walking or cycling on the roads passing through the forests or along the streets with trees. London cyclist who was almost hit by the tree has been interviewed regarding the tragedy and was able to give the whole account of the drizzling and cold morning. It was reported that the man escaped a narrow death following the falling tree and many other incidents are published in the UK, and this is triggered by the storms as well as actions of people who are not careful.

The footage were taken from the CCTV and showed that the man was cycling at high speed and was not aware of the falling tree, he only saw it when it nearly hit him from the front. The incidents have raised various issues regarding how some people do not take any precaution so as not to hurt others due to their careless behaviors. Even though the falling tree did not hit the cyclist, it landed on a van and ended up destroying its front part. The case has taken a new level as the health and safety department in London are investigating into the matter to determine whether the tree surgeon had taken any precaution before bringing the tree down.

The story is still fresh in the minds of many, the breaking news in this area of London has been “London Cyclist Almost Hit by Falling Tree,” the incident left the mouth of many open since they wondered how the man was thinking while cutting the tree which is just next to the road, you would expect more from an expert tree consultant.

If the tree surgeon is found guilty by the relevant authority, he is likely to face some severe charges which can cost him about £20000 or a jail term of not less than five years. The owner of the van did not sustain any injury, but his van’s engine is crashed beyond repair, people are urged to be careful on the roads since trees are falling all over the UK by the roads following the storms.