Ideas for a Bright Living Room

Living Room

Living rooms are the window to our house. It is one of those places in the house where we entertain our guests, spend a lot of time with our families, arrange parties, get-togethers and so on. This part of the house can be used as a reflection of our thoughts, nature, and style of living.

Top Ideas : 
The location of the house decides the hue and colour of the house and the living room. There are are a lot of factors which decides how the living room should be decorated or lighted. Let us discuss some of the key points to illustrate the need for this. The ideas which we are going to talk about may vary from person to person. This is more of a perspective and personal feel, which brings out the living room’s décor.

Light :
The first and foremost is the lighting in the area. This sets the tone of the entire house along with the living room. If there is natural light percolating through the windows, arches, ventilators or doors, then it has to be channeled properly with the help of mirrors and other accessories.

Colour or Wall Décor :
The second on the list would be the choice of colours Bright colour combinations with a touch of contrast lend a sense of happiness to the entire room. The brightness of the room gives a feeling which brings in a mood change in an individual. Dull colours are never recommended as it gives a sense of depression and foreboding. One classic example is the colours used in hospitals. It’s milky white. This denotes the cleanliness, the hygiene factor which has to be highlighted in such a place. However, the lobby or the reception is done with bright colours to lend a cheerful feeling and attitude, as would internal glass walls.

Seating Arrangement :
The furniture and the accessories in the living room decide the warmth of the place and the confidence that it exudes for the people sitting in the area.

Lighting :
Another key feature of a bright living room is the lighting system installed in the living area. This comes into effect after the sun starts setting. The soft type of lighting gives a sense of peace and tranquility, whereas the bright light leads to some discussions, parties and other related issues.

Conclusion :
There are a number of ideas which can be incorporated. However, I have touched on a few points to illustrate that a bright living room is a must for an individual the moment he or she enters the house. One should feel that the house is waiting for the owner to come home and be at peace with his surroundings.